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HMF Innovations has been serving satisfied clients since 1950. With more than 6 decades of experience specializing in manufacturing custom formed tubing products, HMF Innovations is now a leading organization in the industry of robotic welding, robotic bending, laser cutting and last but not least, powder coat paint. Our wide range of products have been trusted by our countless clients over the years.

Schools & Universities

About Schools & Universities In The United States

As school going children and young adults start to enjoy their freedom and independence when it comes to travelling and transport, their lifestyles change. Schools, especially colleges and university campuses, experience a growth in the number of students who ride bikes often and enjoy the outdoor due to the stimulating atmosphere and high density, leading to the rise in the number of bike friendly campuses in the recent years.

Bike Racks For Schools & Universities

Bike Racks For Schools & Universities

Due to the growing number of bike riders in schools and universities, bikes racks are one of the small but necessary features in the campus for students to enjoy a safe and secure bicycle parking. High density in the campus also means that having a designated space for their bikes is important to prevent accidents.

Bike Repair Stations Schools & Universities

A bike-friendly campus means that a bike repair station is necessary in school to cater for students who need to service their bicycles now and then to ensure their safety.

Picnic Tables For Schools & Universities

Our range of picnic tables vary from different materials to suit the climate of your area and profile of your students. We have a wide selection to suit the build or physique of the users or the design to suit the compound.

Crowd Control Barriers For Schools & Universities

Our crowd control barriers are made from excellent material that are purposed to last through rough handling and any kind of weather. We also provide a range of crowd control barriers that offer safety to your students in campus.

Outdoor Benches For Schools & Universities

Outdoor Benches For Schools & Universities

Our benches are made to withstand the harshest weather conditions and are ergonomical, offering good design and comfort to users regardless their physique or their purpose of use.

Bollards For Schools & Universities

Bollards keep vehicles out of areas where students and staff could be at. Ensure the safety of everyone in your campus with HMF’s selection of bollards that are designed to suit the profile of your school.

Why Should Schools & Universities Choose HMF Innovations

Why Should Schools & Universities Choose HMF Innovations?

At HMF Innovations, we value each and every one of our clients and take pride in not just giving the best overall quality in every product we have, but also providing the best customer service. Our dedicated customer service team is committed to serve our customers whether to render advice or answer any query related to our products. We are proud to declare that out of all our customers’ rejections or returns for our products, 99.9% are free of defects. Because we are a factory direct manufacturer, our clients enjoy the most competitive prices without the need of a middleman.

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