Materials & Finishes


At HMF we can respond to your custom color request faster and more efficiently than anyone in the industry. Most custom color requests can be fulfilled in three days or less. Why?

Because, unlike most consumer products companies, we operate our own powder coat paint facility. As a full-service powder coat painter, HMF’s fabrication division has the capability to paint a wide range of products.  HMF's paint system is one of the largest systems in the Midwest.  The overall paint line envelope can accommodate parts as large as 60" x 40" x 120" on a continuously running conveyor.

We offer powder coat painting services to a broad range of markets. We paint all metal alloys including aluminum and stainless steel. We have consistently provided these services to those in the mining equipment, motorcycle component, all-terrain vehicle, furniture, earth-moving, agricultural equipment, medical, exercise equipment, and turf care industries.

Powder Coat Paint System

With over 30-years of experience our professional staff knows how to deal with any paint specification or imperfection. You can rest assured that your parts will return with the high-quality paint finish that you expect.

Our Paint Process and Systems Includes:

  • Two independently operated conveyor systems.
  • Five-stage iron phosphate wash system to ensure proper pre-treatment of parts for powder coating. The phosphate base coat increases rust prevention and paint adhesion.
  • One Dry-off oven ensures that the parts are completely dry prior to painting.
  • Seven independently operated spray booths including robotic spraying and powder recovery.
  • Two independently operated curing ovens for maximum temperature and cure time flexibility.
Powder Coat Paint System


Don’t be fooled by products that may look good but are made using inferior materials and processes! HMF’s products are made from high strength alloy steels providing you with a level of durability that will withstand the test of time

What to look for:
  • What is the grade of tubing?
  • What is the diameter and wall thickness of the load bearing components?
  • What type of rust protective coating is used?
  • If the product is powder coat painted how is the base steel cleaned and prepared for painting?
  • What is the coating thickness?
  • Has the products rust protection been tested via salt spray testing?
  • How many hours of rust-free protection has been demonstrated through salt spray testing?

At HMF we hold our products to the highest standard while our direct from manufacturer model allows us to offer lower than market prices to you!