Are you currently searching for durable and long-lasting furnishings to be placed in various outdoor settings? HMF Innovations offers exceptional formed tubing products that are distributed directly from factory. Order from us with complete peace of mind knowing that quality is guaranteed. Formed tubing products are highly flexible so be sure to choose the specific design and shape that you require for the outdoor placement of your furnishings and accessories.


About Minnesota

Minnesota can be found within the Upper Midwest section of the United States. The state is widely referred to the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” with an official motto of “The Star of the North” which is L'Étoile du Nord in French. Minnesota is ranked as the twelfth largest in area as well as the 22nd most populous state in the whole of the fifty U.S. states. It has roughly half of its residents staying within the metropolitan area of Minneapolis-Saint Paul or otherwise known as the "Twin Cities".

Formed Tubing Products In Minnesota

Bike Racks In Minnesota

Bike parking areas require different sizes of bike racks. You can choose from singular racks or the multiple racks depending on the allocated space.


Outdoor Seating in Minnesota

The same traits are needed for outdoor seating that needs to consistently support immense weight. Formed tubing products are useful in delivering resilience that is necessary for such an outdoor setting.


Outdoor Tables in Minnesota

For outdoor tables to withstand immense weight of daily human traffic, they need a steady handling. Formed tubing is effective in providing resilience that lasts.


Trash Receptaclesin Minnesota

Trash may consist of high temperatures which can be easily resisted by formed tubing products.


Benefits Of Using HMF Innovations’ Formed Tubing Products In Minnesota

HMF Innovations is a major distributor of industrial-grade outdoor furnishings and accessories. We offer a comprehensive collection of formed tubing goods that display characteristics that range from durability, heat and weather resilience, and strength. These traits are what make formed tubing furnishings highly requested by commercial buyers that require products that are suitable for an outdoor setting. The line of products fabricated from formed tubing has since become very common because it can be easily bent and formed to suit different commercial layout requirements.

Why Work With Innovations?

HMF Innovations focuses on delivering exceptional quality and top-notch service which is made possible by a team of highly experienced craftsmen. Each of our workers is recruited right here in the United States and our goods are delivered straight from factory. These factors will give you the peace of mind you need for lasting resilience and durability of our products. The equipment and techniques we use to fabricate our formed tubing furnishings have been passed on for over 70 years and have been proven effective in producing long-lasting products. Work with HMF Innovations for quality that you can trust and service that is unlike any other.


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