Through the years, formed tubing grew in terms of popularity when it comes to manufacturing outdoor furnishings and other accessories like message centers, bike racks, outdoor park grills, picnic benches, canopies, and tents, and more. This is because of its durability and resilience to wear and tear. At HMF Innovations, we manufacture outdoor furnishings made from this robust and long-lasting material.


About Colorado

Situated in the Mountain West, a subregion of the Western part of the United States, Colorado is home to the southern Rocky Mountains, the western portion of the Great Plains, as well as the northeastern border of the Colorado Plateau. With a total population of over 5.77 million, it is ranked as the 21st most populous state in the country as of 2020. This wealthy state ranked eighth in terms of household income in 2016, and 11th when it comes to per capita income in 2010. Its economy is made up of various industries like manufacturing, mining, defense, tourism, and agriculture.

Formed Tubing Products In Colorado

Bike Racks In Colorado

Bike racks come in various designs, sizes and shapes. The flexibility of formed tubing makes creating these products better.


Outdoor Tables in Colorado

Outdoor tables must withstand any weather and situation. Formed tubing makes that possible, since this product is durable and is perfect for any weather condition.


Outdoor Seating in Colorado

One of the great attributes of formed tubing is its ability to form flat surfaces. This particular characteristic makes it most suitable for outdoor seating.


Trash Receptaclesin Colorado

Trash receptacles are left outdoors to withstand any inclement weather. Formed tubing makes them more durable and capable to serve their purposes, no matter what the situation is outdoors.


Benefits Of Using HMF Innovations’ Formed Tubing Products In Colorado

HMF Innovations believes in the durability, strength, and resistance of formed tubing when it comes to manufacturing outdoor furnishings and other accessories. The exceptional qualities of this material make it highly favorable for creating innovations for these products, while ensuring that consumers will enjoy overall results. This material can be fabricated to produce high-quality products that are resistant not just to extreme weather conditions, but to wear and tear as well. Our processes ensure that every formed tubing product will invaluably serve its purpose for a long period of time, thus giving the best value for your investment.

Why Work With Innovations?

HMF Innovations rely on a remarkable team of fabrication experts, whose years of working with different people in the manufacturing industry is backed by decades of hard work and continuous training. Through the years, our craftsmen enjoyed the perks of creating innovative products like outdoor benches, picnic tables, trash receptacles, and more. We make it a point that we are updated with the latest production techniques to keep up with the demands of the times, and our customers, of course. Our high-quality furnishings and accessories will never let you down.


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