Selecting outdoor furnishings and accessories require careful thought. In addition, one must consider the material's durability at all times. At HMF Innovations, we use formed tubing for our outdoor bike racks, picnic tables, outdoor benches, trash receptacles, and more. This material is highly recommended for its high degree of strength and resilience, thus guaranteeing quality and long-lasting performance.


About California

A state located along the Western part of the United States, California is home to over 39.5 million residents, making it the most populous state in the country. While Sacramento is its capital, Los Angeles is considered as its most populous city, ranking next to New York City in the whole country. It is known for its notable contributions in the world of sports, entertainment, and other popular culture genres. It is also one of the most popular states which made a positive impact in terms of politics, economics, innovation, information, communication, environmentalism and various fields. Being the home of Hollywood, the state definitely has a large impact when it comes to global entertainment.

Formed Tubing Products In California

Bike Racks In California

Creating innovative bike parking solutions, formed tubing is definitely a material of choice for bike racks. There are a lot of designs, styles, and sizes created from this material.


Outdoor Tables in California

Formed tubing is also reliable when creating outdoor tables like folding, wood steel frame, and aluminum versions.


Outdoor Seating in California

Formed tubing is likewise helpful in creating well-designed outdoor benches without sacrificing the comfort of its users. This choice fits metal-inground mount, and plaza benches, as well as aluminum bleachers.


Trash Receptaclesin California

When looking to construct trash receptacles, it is important to choose durable and weather-resistant materials like formed tubing.


Benefits Of Using HMF Innovations’ Formed Tubing Products In California

HMF Innovations is known for innovating several outdoor furnishings and other accessories out of formed tubing. This material is praised for its exceptional quality, thus making it an essential part of producing high-quality products for various purposes. Since formed tubing can be fabricated according to the needs of the customers, it is easy to have the product custom-made depending on customer's needs. It is flexible enough to carry different levels of thickness, without compromising its aesthetics and functionality.

Why Work With Innovations?

HMF Innovations is formed by a team of fabrication experts who worked with several companies in the manufacturing industry for decades now. Our experience and expertise in this field is undeniable, and as proof to that, we make it a point that we undergo training to learn about the latest production techniques in the market. This gives us the chance to enhance our skills, while also making sure that we only produce the most durable outdoor furnishings suitable for any setup. Our skilled craftsmen ensure that you get the best value for your investment.


If you are looking for innovative outdoor furnishings that come with lasting durability, get in touch with our team at HMF Innovations. Call 920.657.5001 or email us at today.