Welcome to www.hmf.com, official website for the HMF family of companies.

First founded in 1970, HMF has a simple corporate vision that applies to all of their commercial operations.

In a world of ever changing values, simple truths remain. Great companies survive and flourish as a direct result of the positive impact they have on their customers, stockholders, employees and community. To that end, HMF has but one vision of a truly successful organization.

"Quality Products, Quality Services, Quality of Life. Balancing the Needs of Family, Business and Community"

Founded in 1970, HMF Innovations provides some of the nations largest manufacturers with state of the art automation solutions. For more information regarding HMF Innovations and the industrial automation, robot integration and engineering services that they provide please click here.


Formrite Companies specializes in tube fabrication and bending for major companies in construction, farming, motorcycling, and funiture. For more information regarding Formrite and a complete overview of their manufacturing capabilities please click here.